Can Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers?

Nowadays axolotls are getting very popular with amphibian lovers. They love to keep this amphibian in their aquarium to enjoy its companion. Hence they care for their amphibian to keep healthy, happy and stressless.

For instance, they search for healthy food for their axolotls. At that point they asked, “Can axolotls eat red wigglers? In short, they can eat red wigglers though red wigglers are better for them, not best. 

However, this article will give you a valuable insight about your question. It will explain how you should feed the red wigglers to your axolotls along with whether red wigglers are safe for the axolotls or not. So read this article till the end.

Can Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers

Can Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers?

Yes, they can eat red wigglers and it can be a good food source for axolotls. It is one kind of worm which contains high protein and nutrition also.

You can add dead or live wigglers to your axolotls diet. Also before feeding you are recommended to combine it with supplementary foods.

Though some people say that the wigglers are not a delicious food to the axolotls yet you can feed it as every aquatic creature’s taste is not the same. 

What Is A Red Wiggler?

A Red Wiggler is a type of earthworm known scientifically as Eisenia fetida. It is a species of composting worm that is commonly used in vermicomposting, a process where organic waste materials are decomposed and transformed into nutrient-rich compost by the activity of these worms.

They are mainly known as composting worms.They are commonly found in manure, leaf litter and decaying vegetation etc. 

It can grow 1.5 to 4 inches. Also it is a great food source for many other animals. Since axolotls feed this worm, it’s recommended to clean it before adding to the axolotls diet. As well as fishers use it as bait to catch the fish. 

Red Wigglers have a distinctive red coloration, and they are typically smaller and thinner than other earthworm species.

These worms are well-suited for composting because they have a voracious appetite for organic matter, such as fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and other biodegradable materials.

When placed in a composting bin or worm farm, Red Wigglers feed on the organic waste, breaking it down through their digestive process.

As they move through the compost, they aerate and mix the material, which helps to accelerate the decomposition process and create a nutrient-rich compost that is beneficial for plants and gardens.

Due to their efficient composting abilities, Red Wigglers are popular among gardeners, environmentalists, and those seeking sustainable waste management solutions.

They are easy to maintain and reproduce quickly, making them an excellent choice for vermicomposting projects at home or on a larger scale.

What Type of Red Wigglers Can Axolotls Eat?

You can feed your axolotls live or dead both kinds of red wigglers. If you want to give your axolotls wildlife experience again you can add live wigglers in your axolotls diet.

For instance, you can give your pet a worm using tweezers and notice your axolotls reaction before adding more wigglers. 

Additionally, dead worms can be a good idea to feed the axolotls as it is more healthier than live worms.

Because live worms are a source of diseases whether dead is not. So you can feed them freeze dried worms instead of live worms.

Also if you want you can feed the worms to your younger axolotls by cutting the worms into many pieces. 

Are Red Wigglers Good for Axolotls?

Generally, red wigglers are a good food source for axolotls. Because it contains so much nutrition and other things which help axolotls to stay healthy. Such as:

  • High Protein
  • Low Fat
  • and moisture.

Moreover, these nutrients help axolotls to maintain a healthy weight and stay moist.

In general if you are willing to add nutritious food in your axolotls diet chart or give them a new food source red wigglers can be a great choice as it is nutritious and beneficial for your pet’s health. 

How Do Axolotls Eat Red Wigglers?

To experience the axolotls hunting technique you should observe them when they hunt prey to eat. In general, axolotls have teeth from their larval stage for hunting the prey.

Though they have teeth they can not use it for masticating. Instead the teeth used to hold the prey and then axolotls entirely consumed it. 

Moreover to feed the wigglers to your axolotls its size should be suitable according to your pet size. As axolotls eyesight is very poor they depend on their other senses such as movement and smell.

So you should put big wigglers so that your axolotls can detect the movement and consume it. Hence to hunt them after detecting the wigglers position axolotls open their mouths and go toward the prey to feed it. 

How To Feed the Wigglers to Axolotls?

You can feed wigglers to your axolotls in many ways. It totally depends on how you choose to make a good diet chart for them.

As an axolotls owner you can give it to your pet in two ways. Including:

The smooth and trouble-free method is to put a wigglers into your axolotls tank and give the axolotls freedom to eat it with their own choice.

Another method is that you can cut them up into many chunks and then combine them with your pet’s well organized meal. 

Therefore, you can follow any method from the above list to feed the worms to your axolotls. 

How Many Wigglers Should You Feed Your Axolotls?

You can feed your axolotls red worms according to their size and appetite.Though there is a general rule that first feed them a small amount of worms and gradually increase the number of it.

So you can put a little amount of worm into your axolotls tank and after feeding it put more of them. Also be aware about overfeeding as it leads to many health problems.

When Can Your Axolotl Eat A Whole Red Wiggler?

Axolotl developed fully from their 18 to 24 months. Though it is a time range for axolotls to reach their adult size, many other factors also work behind their full growth.

Their growth length depends on their pattern, eating habits and tank size also. 

However, as a general rule when your axolotls will reach the age of 6 months or 6 inches you can give them whole worms to eat.

So when you feed the worms to the axolotls, notice that while eating they are not facing any problem such as worm size or bitter secretions.

Because bitter secretion is one kind of protection method to save themselves from predators.

Where Can I Get Red Wigglers?

You can get red wigglers from any pet store or online shop. But before purchasing, analyze your worm seller and get from any trusted store to get disease free worms. 

Though live worms can spread diseases you can clean it properly before feeding to the axolotls. Also to avoid the disease issue you can purchase freeze dried worm for your axolotls.  

Regurgitation When Feeding Red Wigglers To Axolotls

Axolotls can regurgitate wigglers for their nasty tasting. As red wigglers are not the best food for axolotls it only can feed to your pet as an occasional treat.

As well as axolotls can regurgitate the wiggler for mainly 2 reasons. Such as: 

To wash the wiggler axolotls can spit it out so that the bitter slime can be adjusted with them. 

Another reason is that they may spit out it several times to divide it into several pieces using the rudimentary blunt teeth.

So if you notice that your axolotls is doing this process several times and not eating the worms you should take out it and chop it into many pieces to feed it again. 

Pros of Feeding Wigglers to Axolotls

Feeding Wigglers (also known as Red Wigglers or composting worms) to axolotls can offer several benefits:

Nutritional Value: Red Wigglers are a nutritious food source for axolotls. They are rich in protein, which is essential for the growth and maintenance of these aquatic creatures.

Easy to Digest: Axolotls can easily digest Red Wigglers due to their soft and small bodies, making them a suitable food option.

Variety in Diet: Including Red Wigglers in an axolotl’s diet provides variety, which can prevent dietary deficiencies and promote overall health.

Natural Feeding Behavior: In the wild, axolotls are opportunistic feeders and consume small aquatic organisms like worms. Feeding them Red Wigglers aligns with their natural feeding habits.

Stimulates Hunting Instinct: Chasing and capturing moving prey, like Wigglers, can stimulate an axolotl’s hunting instincts, providing mental stimulation and enrichment.

Promotes Activity: Incorporating live food, such as Wigglers, encourages axolotls to actively search for and pursue their meals, keeping them physically active.

Supports Growth: For juvenile axolotls, a diet that includes Red Wigglers can aid in their growth and development.

While Red Wigglers can be a valuable part of an axolotl’s diet, it’s essential to maintain a balanced and varied feeding regimen.

Offering a mix of other appropriate foods, such as high-quality pellets and occasional treats like small fish or brine shrimp, ensures your axolotl receives all the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.

Remember to feed them appropriate amounts and avoid overfeeding to prevent obesity and water quality issues in their tank.

Cons of Feeding Wigglers to Axolotls

There are some negative results also available to feed wigglers to your axolotls. First of all, live wigglers are not good for axolotls as they lead to many diseases for your pet.

Secondly, they do not contain all the other nutrients that axolotls designed food contain.

Thirdly, axolotls feel difficulty digesting the wigglers that’s why they face gastrointestinal issues.

Finally if axolotls feed too many wigglers it will be dangerous for them as wigglers contain high iron. 

In a nutshell axolotls can eat red wigglers. You can feed it to your pet as an occasional treat not as a regular diet.

Because they do not contain all required nutrition for axolotls. Also it will be better to feed dead or freeze dried worms to the axolotls as live worms contain various kinds of disease.

Moreover, feed the worm to your pet according to the axolotls size and avoid feeding too much of it to keep the axolotls healthy and stressless. 

Hence, I hope you get your answer about your query that axolotls can eat red wigglers. If so you can share it with your acquaintance so that they can know about the axolotl red wigglers eating habit.