Do Axolotls Have Feelings? (Fear, Sadness & Happiness)

Axolotls are very intelligent creatures. They are Mexican walking fish. They live their own way. Also it is very easy to maintain them.

However, sometimes axolotls’ behavior makes aquarists wonder if their pet has any feelings such as emotions, sadness, happiness, etc.

But it is not clear that they have feelings. Though some studies have been done based on this topic very few results prove that they have feelings.

Nevertheless, in this article, I will give you a detailed explanation of the question that axolotls have feelings.

Also, tell you how to know if your pets like you or not. So read the article till the end.

Do Axolotls Have Feelings

Do Axolotls Have Feelings?

As I said before, axolotls are very intelligent creatures. Though they are cold-blooded creatures, like all other animals, they also have feelings.

Although they do not have the capacity like human emotion. They can feel the happiness and pain that other animals feel.

Additionally, they can communicate using many signals, smell, and release chemicals. So you do not need to think that axolotls have no feelings.

Because they are also animals and intelligent creatures they have emotions or feelings.

How Do You Know Your Axolotls Have Feelings?

As an aquatic pet if they feel anything they will express it. Their behavior will change according to their feelings.

When they feel happy they will express it with their whole behavior along with glowing body color. Also, they will swim very quickly around their tank owner.

Additionally, if they feel sad or depressed their body color will be duller and they will swim slowly. As well as they will spend their time at the bottom of the tank.

Furthermore, if your axolotls get touched or seen snatching the food from them they will curl like a ball at the bottom of the tank which means they are scared.

Do Axolotls Feel Lonely?

Axolotls are unaccompanied creatures. They love to stay alone. They do not require any other axolotls or tankmates.

That’s why they do not feel lonely. If you take care of them properly and feed them they will not feel bad or lonely.

In addition, you should not keep them with other male axolotls, small fish, or animals because they will be aggressive to others and attack them.

So you should not worry about their loneliness. As solitary creatures, they will love to live alone without any other animals.

Do Axolotls Feel Fear?

Axolotls do not feel fear. But if anything makes them afraid they feel fear very less. The first time when you will get them, they feel a little bit confused or scared. It will remain a few weeks then they will adjust to their new environment.

Furthermore, if they feel stressed they can be fearful and do some abnormal behavior.

They will swim frantically and do not show any interest in food. Also, they will be aggressive. They can be stressed for incorrect water parameters, excessive noises, or any conflict with tankmates.

Generally, this issue will be solved if you make them safe in their new aquarium otherwise if you notice they are not coming out from this issue visit a veterinarian.

Do Axolotls Feel Sadness?

Though it is unclear about their feelings, their feelings are not as complicated as humans. They require little care and can stay two weeks without eating any food.

Also, they prefer to live alone without any tankmates. So they have no reasons to be sad. Yet they can be unhappy if they face any health issues.

Also, if they feel sick they will do some abnormal behavior and do not eat food. They will lose their balance while swimming.

Their gills will decay and can be tumors. In this case, you can visit a veterinarian to know the actual reason for this.

Do Axolotls Feel Happiness?

It is uncertain but they have a smiling face which can confuse you. You may think that your axolotls are happy.

Yet it is difficult to tell this. Additionally, it is told that a sound mind is a sound body. That means If the pet is healthy their mental health will be ok.

Also, a happy axolotl means someone who is physically and mentally happy. So take care of them properly to keep them happy.

How to Tell Axolotl is Happy?

If you want to know if your axolotls are happy or not you should monitor their behavior. To understand their happiness you need to keep an eye on their movement.

If you notice your axolotls are floating in the water it means they get their required water standard and are happily enjoying it. Also, they will swim around the tank as well as gills movement will be free.

Moreover, as a solitary creature, they do not like any tank mate but when they are happy they will not be aggressive against their tankmate. They will remain silent and do not quarrel with others.

Also if they feel happy they do not refuse to eat food. Also, the most important thing is that if they are happy they will have sound health.

How To Make Your Axolotl Happy?

Axolotls do not demand too much care or any other things. But as a general rule, a healthy axolotl will be a happy axolotl.

So you should provide them with enough food and always try to keep diversity in their diet chart.

You can provide their favorite food, blood worms. Also sometimes frozen food or canned food can be a good meal for them.

Moreover, to keep them healthy and disease free you should always maintain their required water parameters. As well as keep the tank clean.

Also, do not try to make any physical contact with them. As it makes them stressed instead of pleased. Hence you should give them a comfortable environment to keep them happy and stressless.

How To Know Axolotls Like You?

How To Know Axolotls Like You

Now it is clear that axolotls have emotions. Hence as a pet owner, you will want to know if your pet likes you or not. Actually, there are some signs which will realize your connection with your pet. The signs are:

1. They will expose themselves in front of you

Though it is popular that axolotls love to live alone. They do not share their space with others.

But if they swim and float around you it means they like you. As well as it is a sign of a deep connection between you and your pet.

2. Float freely

When they will feel a deep connection with you they will float freely around you and do not hide themselves.

3. If they physically interact with you

Though they do not like it. But if they love you they will run after your finger and choose your palm to sit on, which means that they do not only like you they also trust you and feel comfortable when you stay around them.

So you can understand that your axolotls have feelings. They can recognize their owner and interact with them.

As well as these behaviors give you proof of their feelings. Now you will not be asked anytime that axolotls have feelings.

In a nutshell, as an animal axolotls have feelings. They can feel happiness and sadness.

If they feel trusted they also interact with their owner. However, I think now you get your answer to your question about do axolotls have feelings.