How Long Can An Axolotl Go Without A Filter?

When you are an axolotl owner your main object will be your pet’s sound health, happiness, and calmness. For instance, you will keep the axolotl tank water clean and fresh. Because water is essential for them.

In this case, a water filter is very helpful for you to maintain axolotls required water quality. 

But what if your tank filter broke or you cannot purchase a new one for your pet? The first thing that will come to your mind is that can axolotls live without a water filter and the next search will be how long can an axolotl go without a filter.

However, this article will give you valuable insight into your question along with why you should use a filter and some suggestions to keep your pet healthy except a water filter. So read the article till the end.

How Long Can An Axolotl Go Without A Filter

Why Do You Need A Filter For An Axolotl?

A filter can assist you in stopping the toxic chemical growth which will distress your pet. Though you can change the tank water regularly to keep the ideal tank environment, it is difficult to keep it free from all kinds of toxins.

For instance, a tank filter can reduce your work and help to maintain the axolotl tank requirement. 

Additionally, aquarium filters have three layers such as mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration systems to filter the tank water. Among these three filtration systems biological filtration is the first filtration process. 

In biological filtration, the fish waste produces ammonia which turns into nitrite and in the end into nitrate.

Actually, ammonia can grow from various kinds of wastes such as bacteria, food waste, and fish bioload. Also, ammonia grows in the tank water when the gills are used for fish breaths.

Even aquarium fishes can die when the ammonia level increases extremely.  The assumption, biological filtration removes the toxins and builds helpful bacteria in the aquarium.

The second filtration system is mechanical filtration. This device helps to catch rotting plant bits, fish poop, and leftover food from the tank water.

And the third and last filtration step is chemical filtration. In this filtration process, all kinds of chemicals are absorbed by particular materials.

How Long Can An Axolotl Go Without A Filter?

It depends. If you change your tank water regularly your axolotl will live long. Also if you do not change tank water regularly, the toxic chemical ammonia will develop in your tank water which can lead to axolotl death. 

Because fish waste is the source of ammonia and it rolls out very quickly which can shorten your axolotl life span without a filter.

Additionally, if the ammonia level is 1ppm, the axolotl will die very early. If the level is below this number and the chemical stay for a long time, your axolotl health will be affected negatively.

Hence axolotl can live long without a filter if the water is regularly changed otherwise it will die very quickly.    

Can An Axolotl Live Without A Filter?

Axolotl can live without a filter. But it requires a lot of hard work to keep the water condition optimal. Hence, you have to change the water regularly to prevent the ammonia level.   

Otherwise, axolotl bioload can decrease the tank water quality which can cause stress and health issues.

Though without using a water filter you can pull out the toxic chemical ammonia by adding some aquatic plants.

Although the aquatic plant will not be enough to prevent the toxication, you have to change the water on a daily basis to prevent the toxic level.

So it is recommended to use a water filter to reduce your hard work and maintain the axolotl tank easily. 

Should You Use Two Filters In The Axolotl Tank?

For an excellent filtration process, a two-filter installation is a great idea. As only one filter is not enough to control the axolotl too much waste.

For instance, two filters can be installed in the axolotl tank. Otherwise, you can purchase a filter that is stronger to keep the tank water clean. 

Though this kind of filter flow rate is very strong as well as robustly siphon the water which is a negative side of these filters.

So if you are willing to install two filters or a stronger filter ensure that their flow rate is modifiable. 

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Filter for Your Axolotl Tank?

To keep the axolotl healthy without a filter you should follow some steps. Including

Large Tank: Tank has a positive impact on your axolotl. Because it will help you to handle the waste more easily. Also, it can help you to extend your axolotl life except for a filter than a smaller tank. 

Regular water change: Regular water change is the first condition to keep this amphibian healthy except for any filter.

Because it will assist you to keep the tank water clean from any kind of waste before turning it into a toxic chemical.

So every day try to change the minimum 50% tank water which will keep the axolotl healthy. Also, add conditioner while changing the water if you put tap water in your aquarium. 

Live plant: Another way to keep the axolotl healthy except the filter is to keep some live plants in your aquarium. It not only assists you to soak up the 

ammonia before reaches the toxic level but also releases oxygen which is helpful for axolotl breathing. 

Temperature: Temperature is another important factor to keep the axolotl healthy. You should keep the tank water cool as axolotl can not adjust with warm water.

Because it makes them stressed and sometimes they also die. As well as warm temperatures help the ammonia to unroll rapidly in the tank water while low temperatures stop developing this.

So it is important to keep the tank temperature low, not warm. 

Spot cleaning: Spot cleaning is another important work you should do regularly to keep your pet healthy.

You can remove the uneaten food, axolotl waste, or any other waste every day so that they can not develop ammonia.

Additionally, you can stop overfeeding to lower the axolotl waste or any other waste.

Pros and Cons of Installing a Tank Filter for Axolotls

Everythings has a positive and negative side. When you install a filter to your axolotl tank it will have a positive and negative impact. 

Here filter installation pros and cons are explained. 


Reduce hard work:  A filter reduces your hard work to keep the tank water clean and ideal. As you need to clean and change your tank water manually which is very lengthy and difficult for you. In this case, a filter is very helpful to reduce your labor. 

Always remove wastes from tank water: Manual water changes only give you the chance to remove toxins as they are not breath air and other but when you will install a filter it will also remove these items along with all kinds of waste.


Filter maintenance: A water filter can clean the tank water but they can not clean the wastes they generate from the tank.

That’s why you should clean the filter to use it for an extended period. So you have to clean it at least once every month. 

Make a stressful environment and axolotl feel disturbed: filter keep the tank clean and waste free but when it make sounds and vibrate (particularly large filter) in its process, it lead the axolotls to stress and uncomfortable which negatively effect in filter benefits.

Finally, axolotl life span without a filter depends on its owner’s maintenance habit. If they change the tank water regularly axolotl can live long without a filter.

As waste and other toxic chemicals can not grow in the aquarium water. Also if they do not change the water on a regular basis axolotl will die very early because of toxic chemicals. 

However, I hope you get your answer to your question about how long can an axolotl go without a filter?

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