How To Ship Axolotls? (Helpful Guides)

Axolotls is a mexican amphibian. They do not need to pass the metamorphosis to become an adult. They are popular for their regenerating ability including heart, tail, spinal cord, eye lenses and limbs etc. 

As axolotls is a admired pet, sometimes aquarists need to ship them for various purposes. For instance they worry about their pet safety while shipping them. That’s why they asked a question: how to ship axolotls?

In short, when axolotls are shipped a polyethylene plastic bag is used with some water then kept in an insulated box. Besides after receiving the axolotls you need to follow some steps to transfer it in their tank quickly.

However, in this post I will discuss the most asked question: how to ship axolotls. From here you will get many important information about their shipping so that you can ship your pet safely avoiding many risks. So read the article till the end. 

How To Ship Axolotls

How To Ship Axolotls?

When you will ship your axolotls you need to be careful so that they do not get hurt anyway.

You can transport your axolotls by hiring a pet shipping corporation. Otherwise if you travel for a short time, transport your pet by yourself.

However before shipping the axolotls some important work should be done to ship the pet properly. They are:

-Receiver phone number and address must be correct.

-Where the receiver lives the state must have the permission that axolotls can be kept as a pet. Some states like New Jersey, Maine, Hawaii, Virginia and California have no permission for axolotls to keep them as pets. 

-Observe the weather to prepare the shipping box of your axolotls according to the weather. 

-Check out the nearby carrier or post office. Do they ship the live pet or not? If they do, you should ask the exact time to bring your pet to the office, hence they ship the parcel as soon as possible to the customer without any delay. 

-To ship the axolotls without any issue ask the packing and shipping requirements also for live pets.

After knowing the important things now you should prepare your axolotls to ship.

So, how to ship axolotls? To ship the axolotls you need to follow some steps. Including:

-Before preparing the axolotls for shipment, observe your pet’s health so that they do not have any infections, injuries,weakness or illness ect.

-Before shipping day,to avoid too much bioload keep your axolotls without food for 1 or 2 days as bioload will spike the ammonia level in the water.

-To make a shipping box high grade cardboard boxes are recommended. As well as to make a line in the box use thermal aluminum foil or thick styrofoam and do not forget to write ‘Live Fiche’ at the above of the box.

Use an ice cubes bag if you ship the axolotls in hot weather, also if the shipment is done in winter season you do not need to use it. Moreover, do not use the ice bag directly beside the axolotls bag, keep it at a distance.

When you are putting the axolotls in a bag add some water from their tank it will be 2/3 and 1/3 of air.

As well as you can add some oxygen from the oxygen tank. Also double the axolotls bag so that they do not get harmed. Then keep the bag in the shipping box.

Now to fill up the free space keep all the packing stuff in that space and wrap the shipping box using a tape.

After preparing the shipping box, give it to your courier company and inform your receiver about the expected delivery date.

What Are the Risks When An Axolotl is Shipped in a Box?

When you will ship your axolotls in a box it will create many risks for your pet. It can be:

You should not use more than four mm thick bags so that the water can be isolated as well as axolotls get their current temperature in the hot weather. As you need to keep the water cool since the axolotls can not stay in hot water.

-To lower the metabolism of the axolotls you need to tube the pet before ship the axolotls in a box. Also if you ship the axolotls in a box you need to add an ice cubes bag keeping a distance from the axolotls bag if the weather is hot.

-Also it will not be a good thing to ship too many axolotls in one bag or one box. You need to ship every single axolotls in their own bag and own box means ship them separately.

When you will ship the axolotls in a box you need to make sure that the parcel will reach the customer’s hand in the exact time otherwise axolotls carbon dioxide which is produced by them will damage their beautiful gills and skin.

Also there is a chance to increase the chemical level such as ammonia and nitrogen in the axolotls carry bag which can lead them to stress or several illnesses.

Shipping Axolotls Larvae and Eggs

When it’s about the larvae and egg shipping it is a little bit complex for you. Because they are very sensitive and breakable.

So how and when should you ship the larvae and eggs? You will ship the eggs while their back legs are well developed.

Moreover, you can ship the axolotls larvae and eggs in three ways. Including:

If you want to ship your pet safely you are recommended to ship them in breather bags. For that you need to pour water in the bag. The amount will be 2/3 and another 1/3 fill with air. After filling them, close the axolotls bag and use tape before keeping it in the shipping box.

Otherwise you can separate the plant leaves which contain the axolotls egg and use a bottle with tank water to ship the eggs.

What Can I Do After Receiving My Axolotl?

The most important thing is that when your delivery man delivers it to your home you must have to stay in your home and receive the delivery.

Also when you will receive the axolotls box you should carry it carefully without any moving. Then open the shipping box and take the axolotls bag. Also make sure that you prepare the tank water before receiving it.

In a nutshell, when you are thinking of buying axolotls through the internet you should choose a professional seller as well as see the reviews if available.

Also make sure that the parcel will reach your destination within 24 hours to get them healthy and stressless.

Furthermore if the destination between you and your buyer is not very far you should pick it up for your pet safety. As well as if you want to make sure your axolotls are in good health you can use a live fish water box.

Additionally if you are not a receiver, you are a buyer then you should well pack your axolotls so that your customer gets their pet healthy and stressless.

To ensure the pet’s good health you should follow the above instructions and select a fast delivery company so that they do not cross the expected delivery date.